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Our Services

Plastic Compounding

Plastic Compounding is to add additives to plastic material in order to develop its properties. Our customers are from different business including packaging, electronics, construction, consumer and household goods, and etc.
Therefore, we can assure that we are specialized in plastic raw materials and more than ready to serve customers in all business groups.
Plastic Pulverizing - We offer a full service of producing plastic powder, a raw material for Roto-Molding or Rotation Molding.

Research & Development

Originally, plastic is a synthetic material that initiated to replace natural materials. One of the advantages of plastics is to be molten and reformed which makes it possible to add the additives
to improve its properties during melting process, especially in Recycle process. B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. is very pleased to provide consulting services and co-develop raw materials according to customer needs.

Waste Management Consultant / Recycle

Recently, environmental issues are widely discussed in all sectors. Numbers of government and private sectors have issued regulations to control and reduce the environmental issues within the workplace.
B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd., offers a consulting service to manage plastic waste from the production line or consult on other general plastic recycle issues.

Color Testing

One of our services that makes B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. renowned is color matching service. We provide a full
services ranging from color matching, supply colors in powder and Masterbatch forms. Also, we offer compounding service for customers’ raw materials.

Tube Extruder

According to the company's raw material expertise, B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. developed Eco-friendly PE raw materials until they get high quality properties
that are tough, durable, and suitable for forming pipes. We are not only providing PE water pipes products, widely used in agriculture, but also offer OEM service for customers’ brands.

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B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd
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All departments have modern machines. reliable checking system and staff ready to provide advice, responsibility.