Polymer Colorant

Plastic coloring is a delicate process that requires experience, knowledge, together with various technologies, At B.B. Plastic Group Co.,Ltd., we provide a complete services of color process from color matching, pigment supplies, both powder pigment and masterbatch and consultant.

Powder pigment:

It is a colorant that does not dissolve in plastic. The persistence of the pigments in plastic will be dispersed in the plastic. Pigments can be categorized into two groups:

  1. Inorganic pigment that give and opaque effect to plastic. Inorganic pigment is heat and chemical resistant and the color is lasting but it often not as bright as dyes. 2
  2. Organic pigments, most of them are synthetically produced. It gives brighter colors than inorganic pigments but has lower heat resistant.

The industrial plastic coloring is usually done in 2 ways:

The first method is to mix powder pigment directly to the pellets. The pigment will be mixed and coated plastic pellets with the mixer.

The second method is to use a pigment in the form of granuled pigment or masterbatch, which is practically a plastic pellets that compounded with concentrated mixture of pigments and cut into pellets of similar size of plastic pellets. Masterbatch will be mixed, diluted with raw or virgin plastic pellets. This will allow the pigments to spread better in the plastic than the first method.

Considerations and various factors in coloring.

  • Heat stability should be considered as the process of product processing requires heat. If the color agent is not heat-resistant, then it may cause the discoloration.
  • Light stability or weather ability: Requirements for this property are often specific to outdoor used products in which light could cause colors fading or darken.
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low toxicity, an important requirement for applications involving food or children. There is possibility that the color could be fall off and can contaminate food so the prevention is the best solution.

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