About Us

Background and History

The Company’s founders believe that high-quality raw materials are the basic fundamental for successful products. In 1992, B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. was established under the founders’ intention.

Our operations adhere to the Company policy of providing a complete service of plastic raw materials, including general plastic raw materials, engineering plastics, chemicals and pigments, as well as to provide consultation on recycled plastics. The company focuses on working closely with customers to research, develop, fix and solve raw material problems in order to meet the customers’ production standard. We truly hope that we will be a part in customer’s success and help them earn higher income and profits.

With over 3 decades of experience in plastic materials, we have a great understanding of both materials and customers. Many leading manufacturers of various products specify B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. as their materials compounder.


Our goal is to develop and provide high quality plastic materials, to be responsible for sustainable use, to add value to the product, and always think of the customers and environment as priority.


Customer Service

Our goal is to provide services with sincerity like a partner that work closely with customers, and ready to grow with customers to compete in global market.

Environmental concern

As plastic materials manufacturer, B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. has foreseen the current environmental problems and, too, considered them as our duty to take parts of the responsibility such as developing plastic scraps properties or reducing material loss from the production process by bringing the plastic waste from the production line back into the recycling process. These does not only reduces the plastic waste but also reduces the loss of plastic material and production costs. (see in plastics waste and recycle for additional details).

B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. has an efficient wastewater treatment system. The Department of Industry used the Company’s wastewater disposal as an example for other SME companies to follow.

Corporate social responsibility

B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. anticipate the importance of 3D printing technology as a future of products manufacturing. During the outbreak of COVID-19, the logistic and supply chain system has been struggling around the world and there were a shortage of anti-epidemic products such as virus filters and face masks. Therefore, the 3D printing has been very useful in that time. We have printed mask parts and head straps to use internally and had sent health workers and people in need as well.

Currently, B.B. Plastics Group Co., Ltd. has developed plastic filaments for 3D printers from various raw materials including PLA, ABS, PETG and TPU and due to our company core business, we are able to offer the color and properties customization services for the filament to meet the needs of various purposes.

B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd
operate according to
ISO 9001/2015 standards

All departments have modern machines. reliable checking system and staff ready to provide advice, responsibility.