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Plastic Waste & Recycle

“Humans have transcended the limits of nature by creating their own materials for more than 100 years. Plastics have been developed to be so versatile that we cannot deny it has inevitably gradually become a part of our lives. From its original purpose to use it as a substitute for natural materials such as Ivory, tortoise shells which supposed to reserve the nature materials but nowadays, plastics are widely used in every corner of the world and sadly started to causing the global plastic waste crisis.”

As a raw plastic material manufactory, B.B. Plastics Group Co., Ltd. has taken this problem as one of our missions from the beginning, which is to focus on developing recycled plastic to be as good as the new materials. We believe that the knowledge we have accumulated for over 30 years can do a good cause and we strongly believe that everyone can help.

Although compostable plastics have been invented as an option to help reducing wastes from single-use plastic products, we still have a main problem that must be dealt with: Handling the existing plastic products and waste, including planning to manage a future plastic.

The easiest way to start is from “us”. Having a basic understanding of plastics would be the foundation for waste management, at least to know how to separate each type of plastic waste. Also, choosing the right material for the right usage is very crucial as it leads to more sustainability products.

How many types of plastics are there?

How is plastic recycling done?

Even though plastics are not as biodegradable as natural materials, some plastics can be recycled and reproduced into products again. However, plastic scraps have to be finely separated as mixing deferent types of plastic could degrade the plastic properties for example, if biodegradable plastics are mixed with other plastics, they will change their structure and it might be damages and cannot be reused. In addition, others contamination such as food waste and residue in the container can affect the plastics properties as well. At this point, it can be seen plastic waste separation is very crucial to recycling process.

Waste Management from Production Line

Normally, every manufacturer will have their quality control to ensure the products from their factory are meet the standard quality. So, here comes the defects. Some manufacturers sell the accepted defection as a Grade-B products with lower price. However, there are many manufacturer select another option, recycle the defects into material and bring it back to the production line. The advantage of this option is that the manufacturer can control and prevent contamination of their recycled materials, reduce the material costs. Furthermore, the waste management is still one of the standard requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001/14004.

B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. provides recycling services for plastic scrap directly from the production line and also offer the R&D service to develop the material to meet the customers’ needs. Our company is operated under ISO 9001/2018 standard so the customers can be assured that the raw materials will be best handled

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ISO 9001/2015

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