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Plastic Materials


B.B. Plastics Group Co., Ltd.
offers both pellets and powder forms of plastic materials.

  • Plastic pellets are the most widely used raw materials in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.
  • Plastic powder is the raw material that is often used in rotation molding or roto-molding

PETE : Polyethylene terephthalate

is clear and tough. It has high strength and excellent in chemical and impact resistance. Plus, low moisture absorption, yet has good barrier to gas permeability.

PETE: Polyethylene terephthalate

Suitable for water bottles Soft drink bottles and food trays, also uses in textile industry

HDPE : High Density Polyethylene

this opaque plastic has high strength-to-density ratio. It is be able to withstand acid and alkali very well, relatively tough, flexible, and resistant to forces and fracture. Low thermal resistance and can be recycled generally.

HDPE : High Density Polyethylene

Suitable for packaging, bucket, soft drink crate, ice tray, milk bottle, detergent and chemical bottles, agricultural water pipes, plumbing.

LDPE : Low density polyethylene

is translucent plastic moderately tough and has a wax-like finish. It is flexible, resistant to chemicals. Its strength is lower than HDPE but is easy to mix with color.

LDPE : Low density polyethylene

Mainly used in film applications such as general plastic bags, Shrink film, Food Wrap Film.

PP : Polypropylene

is used in wide range of products. It is easily processed into products, resistant to moisture. It is not resistant to ultraviolet light which will cause PP to brittle, crack, and fade.

PP : Polypropylene

However, it has good chemical resistance and known as one of the safest plastic. Suitable for making toys, toothbrush handles, furniture, medical appliances, woven sacks, ropes, straw, fishnet, shirt bags.

PS : Polystyrene

is characterized by high clarity, stability, wide range of uses. PS is a brittle plastic, when fractured, it has sharp edges that can be dangerous. They should not be used as parts or for the manufacture of toys.

PS : Polystyrene

Suitable for making plates, spoons, containers and single-use food containers, make cushioning products, and insulation.
Other engineering plastics that are highly used, such as ABS, PC, and Nylon
ABS - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene:which are semi-engineering plastics, have been improved with chemical resistant rubber so it has high heat resistance and stability. It is good at high temperature, high hardness, polished surface, easy to trim, often used for parts of cars and motorcycles.

PC : Polycarbonate is crystal clear and is notable for its toughness and stability in shape. It is the first of the most used engineering plastics with excellent impact resistance, resistance to weathering. They are often used to make taillights, helmets, lenses, and due to their high heat resistance, they are commonly used in baby bottles as they can be boiled in boiling water or sterilized at high temperatures.

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