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B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd

Who Are We

We are a plastic materials company.

What Are We Doing

We offer a wide range of services ranging from providing, grinding, coloring, compounding, color matching, additives adding, including product and raw material development services.

How We Do It

At B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd., we are working accordance with ISO 9001/2018 standards that we have reliable machines and inspection systems with high experienced staff. We can assure you, we always serve customers with honest and responsible manner.

About Us

B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd

With over 3 decades of experience in plastic materials, we have a great understanding of both materials and customers. Many leading manufacturers of various products specify B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd. as their materials compounder.


Our goal is to develop and provide high quality plastic materials, to be responsible for sustainable use, to add value to the product, and always think of the customers and environment as priority.


Our goal is to provide services with sincerity like a partner that work closely with customers, and ready to grow with customers to compete in global market.

Our Services


Plastic Compounding

Plastic Compounding is to add additives to plastic material in order to develop its properties.


provide consulting services and co-develop raw materials according to customer needs.

Waste Management

consulting service to manage plastic waste from the production line and  plastic recycle issues.

Color Testing

services ranging from color matching, supply colors in powder and Masterbatch forms.

Tube Extruder

developed Eco-friendly PE raw materials until they get high quality properties

From Our Blog

Our Article

Plastic Waste & Recycle

“Humans have transcended the limits of nature by creating their own materials for more than 100 years. Plastics have been developed to be so versatile that we cannot deny it has inevitably gradually become a part of our lives. From its original purpose to use it as a substitute for natural materials such as Ivory, tortoise shells which supposed to reserve the nature materials but nowadays, plastics are widely used in every corner of the world and sadly started to causing the global plastic waste crisis.”
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B.B. Plastic Group Co., Ltd
operate according to
ISO 9001/2015 standards

All departments have modern machines. reliable checking system and staff ready to provide advice, responsibility.